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Public Assembly Meeting

Regular Tues Meeting for the week of Feb 13
is postponed until later in the week

Meeting ID: 835 4711 1301
Passcode: 570217

Please fill out the Contact form below prior to attending your first meeting

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Membership is open to all residents of  Indiana who are 18 years or older.
Membership is not required to attend meetings, but is required for voting.

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Membership Agreements

Members are required to adhere to our code of conduct and the Resolution of One Accord

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Join a Committee

All members in good standing and invited guests are welcome to serve on a committee

Committees focus on investigating and developing orders for rights restoration, removal of restrictive covenants, and evaluate restoration team (and outside) projects for fit with needs assessment findings

Communications-manages Public Relations by maintaining truthful, trustworthy, and favorable relationship with the public. Provides truthful news to all who seek it.

Education-Provides materials and guidance to make sure the children and adults have the knowledge, encouragement, incentive, and abilities needed reach their highest potential  to thrive in all they want to do.

Family Services-keeps Indiana’s most precious commodities, our children, safe in our State. Builds better families and communities by providing needed education and opportunities.

Health & Wellness-works to ensure the Mind, Body, and Spiritual Health of all beings in Indiana through all means necessary. 

Law-Uses the Declaration of Independence for the Living Beings of Earth and the Resolution of One Accord to review existing USA Corporation laws in relation to Natural Law and give recommendations for new legislation based on Natural Law.

Law Enforcement-Works with Global Intelligence Agency (GIA), enforcement arm of the Assembly.

Nature Preservation & Protection Nature & Wildlife conservation is the preservation and protection of animals, plants, and their habitats. By conserving wildlife, we’re ensuring that future generations can enjoy our natural world and the incredible species that live within it.

Needs Assessments-Recognizes needs in the State and Communities not necessarily seen by others, communicates with Communities in State and recognizes trends and shortfalls that need to be addressed.

Project Management-reviews and is assembly oversight/assistance Committee for the implementation of approved projects.

Public Works & Infrastructure-maintain public infrastructure for benefit of the community, this covers:  transportation (roads, bridges, safe airports, safe airports), communications, public buildings (schools, museums, Health/Wellness Centers), water/sewage treatment facilities and power generating facilities, railroads.

Restoration Team-develops, in partnership with the people, projects and solutions for the improvement and transformation of communities with idea of Restoring the Earth to it’s natural state.

Security-informs Members about strategic regulations, security priorities, capacity, capabilities, and risks including cyber security.

Treasury-manages finances of the Assembly, prepares budgets, and is responsible for financial reporting

What committee(s) would you like to join?

Thank you for changing the world!

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